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Why your children are at risk: “I owe $48,000 on my credit cards,my house is in foreclosure and I turn 5 on Friday!” About Us This is an epidemic. More than 1 million children were victims of identity theft last year Learn More This is an epidemic.

Children are 51 Times Higher to have their identity stolen.

Don’t let your children become a victim. Protect them from Fraud.

About Kid Kredit

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    Who Is Kid Kredit?

    Kid Kredit was not satisfied with selling cupcakes or lemonade. He wanted to invest his energy into a venture that would transform lives and prepare the next generation in the area of credit education, identity protection, and personal prosperity.

     Over the past twelve months, Kid Kredit has been able to develop a curriculum that educates individuals on the benefits of Excellent Credit and the steps necessary to overcome modern data security problems. His methodology is considered a first for anyone under eighteen.


    Kid Kredit has launched a campaign to help secure 100,000 United States children from identity theft and misuse. Parents can secure their child’s future against identity theft, credit reporting errors and unauthorized access to records.

    Social Security numbers of children have been used by identity thieves to open bank accounts, apply for benefits, secure credit cards and more.  This puts your child’s future at risk.  By the time they are eighteen they could have a trail of unwarranted debt.

    Our “Protect Our Kids” Campaign Offers:

    • Top Tier Identity Theft Protection >Learn More
      • Credit Monitoring
      • Advanced Fraud Alerts
      • Internet Security Technology
      • Identity Theft Insurance ($1 Million)
    • Family Credit Education >Free, No Purchase Necessary
    • Credit Consulting & Referrals >Learn More

    Children are 51 Times Higher to have their identity stolen.



    Children are the most vulnerable to identity theft (1 Million+ Victims Per Year) because few parents are aware of the risk associated with child identity theft. Thieves could be using your child’s information for years before anyone catches on to their scheme. By then, tens of thousands of dollars could have been racked up putting your child’s credit profile at a disadvantage when they become adults.

    The “Protect Our Kids” campaign provides discount Annual Memberships for Credit Report Alerts, Fraud Protection, up to $1 Million in coverage and other tremendous benefits. This first-of-its-kind effort will reach some of America’s most vulnerable communities with important protection within the identity theft space.

    Choose a plan that’s right for your family.

    Protecting Children From Id Theft

    Children are vulnerable to identity theft (1 Million Victims Per Year) because few parents are aware of the risk associated with child identity theft.

    The Protect Our Kids Campaign

    The Official launch of our “Protect Our Kids” campaign is Saturday December 1, 2018.  Concerned parents can begin purchasing Identity Theft Protection

    About Kredit Koncepts

    Serving the public since 2009, Kredit Koncepts was created with one objective in mind: to help America recover from credit injustice.

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    Retail Value: $203 annually

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